Laurie Roos


                                                                                                     Many  of my watercolour paintings are of Lake of the Woods. I have lived most of my life surrounded by the beauty of the Lake. Nature is where I find peace and solitude, and when I paint I am able to return to that place right in my own studio.

My paintings often remind the viewer of a special place on the lake. It may be a shoreline where they fish, a cliff that they pass on their way to their cottage, or a special place on the Lake that has many fond memories. I see their faces light up when they spot a painting that brings back familiar memories. I enjoy listening to their personal stories and the reasons why they are drawn to a specific painting.

I have always painted with watercolour. My paintings often come from my imagination, which encourages me to be more creative.

When I was diagnosed as bipolar in my thirties, I embraced my creativity. My art has brought me many hours of not only enjoyment but also the peaceful time alone that we all need. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. My art has often changed lonely times to wonderful alone times. I consider myself a strong advocate for mental illness, and I continue to talk openly about my struggles and the healing power of creativity.

Original Watercolour Gallery:

Originals priced after stock number on photos.

5×7 matted to fit 8×10 frame: $22
8×10 matted to fit 11 x14 frame: $33
Please order by number on photo and specify desired size.

Custom-sized prints & Commissioned originals: Please enquire.

To view larger images, click on one and view them as a slide show.

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