Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

This lovely, solid oak washstand was made c. 1910, at a time when many households lacked indoor plumbing. The washstand would have washcloths, towels or other toiletry necessaries stored away in its drawers, a basin with its ewer sitting on the top, and the commode would be discretely stored in the space behind the squarish door. If one was fortunate enough to have a maid, she might heat the water early in the morning and then fill the ewer at the first faint sounds of her employer’s rising, but my mother remembers getting up in the morning to perform her daily ablutions only to have to break the ice that had formed on the water overnight!

The washstand pictured features three drawers, one door and a harp-like back with a dowel for hanging a splash cloth. All the hardware is original. Note also the beautiful carved bands on either side of the front – just to make it a little bit different from the run-of-the-mill!

Oak washstand c. 1910, 54″ high x 32″ wide x 18.25″ deep: SOLD

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