German Tin Carousel

The most wonderful box arrived at the shop yesterday. I had no idea until Bonnie opened it this morning.
“Oh,” she said, ever so nonchalantly, “These are just tin toys and Christmas ornaments from Germany. I had to order them a year ago because they are literally made in someone’s shed, and they can’t keep up with demand. Do you want to see them?
No, Bonnie. I think we should just leave them in the box ’til next year… “Of course!” I’m sure she was just as eager to open the box as I was to have her do it.
Even though this type of toy was a bit before my time, I remember occasionally seeing them around when I visited friends at Christmas. It must have been the nostalgia of the season that brought them out from boxes in the attic.
Now, we have them here! And even though they aren’t antique, they are just as well made and beautiful and able to take you back in time…

Nuernberger Blechspielzeug Nostalgic Horse Carousel. Enameled tin mechanical toy. SOLD
Nuernberger Blechspielzeug Elephant Ball Game. Enameled tin mechanical toy. SOLD

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