Inge-Glas: Continuing the Old-Fashioned Christmas

Although these shimmering glass Christmas Tree ornaments will remind you of your grandmother’s tree, they are not antique ornaments. This company has roots going back for fourteen generations, and their glass ornaments reflect not only your Christmas Tree lights, but also a traditional method of Bavarian glass making.
The glass is blown into a mould. The inside is silvered once the glass has cooled, then the outside is hand-painted according to the pattern for that mould. Some ornaments are made year after year, and these classics, like the little Church, are at the lower price range of the line. Editions limited to one year or a certain quantity are more finely painted and generally have a higher price tag. We carry a large stock of Inge-Glas designs, so do drop in to take a careful look!
The glass in these pieces is very fine and delicate, so if you have a cat or young children, you may prefer some of the other, more robust ornaments we have on hand at the shop. But there is nothing like a tree full of these beautiful, timeless works of Christmas art to bring on an old-fashioned Yule!

Speckled Bird with long feather tail: $28.50
Santa in Long Silver Coat: $31.50
Pine Cone: $16.00
Red-roofed Church: $10.00

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