Jocko the Monkey

In 1900, Frank Ransbottom and his brother began manufacturing stoneware pottery in the town of Roseville, Ohio. They were very successful, becoming the largest American producer by the time their company merged with Robinson Clay Works in 1920. Robinson’s expertise in making bricks and tiles gave the newly named Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company (RRP Co.) the impetus it needed to diversify into garden ware, but they maintained their successful and functional lines of crock pots, bean pots, cookie jars, etc.

This example is one of the more scarce cookie jars that they produced, Jocko the Monkey. The jar’s inspiration was a monkey actor of the same name who has six movies to its credit from 1920-1927. This helps us date the jar to about that time, although it may have been in production for longer.

RRP was in operation until 2005.

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company Jocko the Monkey Cookie Jar, ca. 1920s, 11.5″ high, 7″ at widest point. $95.00

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