These baskets should come in handy at the cottage or in a busy rustic home or farmhouse. Just think of all the practical applications! They are sturdy enough to hold firewood by the fireplace, toys in the rec room, towels in the beach house or blankets in the gazebo… They are made from real branches, and not at all flexible, so once you have them where you want them, you’ll probably want to leave them there. If you do decide to shift them, they’re equipped with durable handles …provided the load is not really heavy! The neutral shade of the barked ‘twigs’ helps them melt into the rest of your decorating, even though they are quite large.

Large basket 27″ diameter, 24″ high: $125.00
Smaller basket 21.5″ diameter, 22″ high: SOLD
Large lidded basket 18.5″ diameter, 26″ high: SOLD
Smaller lidded basket 14.5″ diameter, 21″ high: SOLD

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