Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell Books opened 6 July 1991 as an independent new book shop. Over the years my shop has evolved into one of the largest used and out-of-print bookshops in Northwestern Ontario, with an inventory of about 50,000 books on an eclectic variety of subjects. We have particularly strong collections of Northwestern Ontario, Archaeology, Christian and Mystery books. We still sell some new books, and we have a search/ordering service for our customers.

My own background is diverse; I have studied General Science, Old Testament, Reformation, Theology, Genealogy, and Archaeology at the university level, and have worked in the field of archaeology off and on for 20 years in Northwestern Ontario. I grew up in a family business, and have been working in retail for over 40 years – 33 of them in the current location of the bookshop! (photo: Cory McCrindle)

Stella the Great Newfenees & Bookshop Dog

Most two-leggers seem to think that I just lie around and look beautiful, but they’re wrong. I’m head of security at Darlington Gallery, and one of their top salesbeings, as I make a point of ensuring that no one leaves the shop without first purchasing something. After all, a girl’s gotta eat, right? Sometimes, though, when I’m feeling generous, I’ll let people out if they give me a scratch behind the ear or, even better, a belly rub.
I’ve been working for kibble at the bookshop since I was a puppy. I used to growl at everyone who came in – for about a week. Now that I realise people are just coming in to see me and, somewhat indirectly, feed me, I’m extremely friendly. I get along particularly well with young children.
I also review books with major dog characters. I post them and my stories on my blog; see the link under Gallery News.

More About Us…

We are always looking for new stock for the shop. If you are downsizing, managing an estate, or are a Northwestern Ontario artist looking for a gallery outlet, please contact us.

For those of you who are self-isolating, who would like to keep up on specific areas of interest or favorite authors, please feel welcome to contact us with that information and your email address. We will send you monthly catalogues. We also do mail order and curbside pick-up.

About the Building

Our location in the heart of beautiful downtown Kenora reflects the development and prosperity of the city over the years from the very beginning of the community during the railway and gold rush years of the late 1870s and early 1880s. The building originally belonged to the Jackson family, and was home to the Jackson Bakery. The ‘Tin Room’ and its attics form the oldest part of the building, built c.1880, then the larger two-story brick portion was built c.1910. Finally, the doughnut factory was added at the rear c.1950. In 1976, the bakery closed its doors, and the Campbell family moved in with their electrical appliance shop, Campbell Bros. Elizabeth Campbell Books moved in in 1996.

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