Tammy Zebruck

Tammy Zebruck is a rising star on the Kenora art scene. Her work is heavily influenced by the region’s natural beauty: its rocks, trees, and, most of all, water. No one captures a rippling shoreline like Tammy!
For several years, this artist kept her own gallery, first on Main Street South, Kenora, then on Lakeshore Drive in Norman. Gallery Z was a favourite haunt of art lovers in the area, but it’s difficult to keep a full time shop running and to paint full time… When Gallery Z closed its doors for the last time, we asked if Tammy would like to place her paintings for sale in our formative gallery. She agreed, and became the cornerstone of Darlington Gallery’s collection.
Tammy holds a Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. Her work has been shown at several exhibitions and in art magazines. If you would like to learn more about her career, please take a look at her website!
We have a great display of her work for sale at Darlington Gallery, and we invite you in to view it anytime you find yourself downtown with some time on your hands. It looks lovely on the web, but seeing it in person is another experience altogether.

Gallery of Original Works:

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