New Newsletter Available!

We’ve decided to produce a monthly newsletter highlighting different aspects of Darlington Gallery’s holdings – books, antiques, art…. The first we will embark upon will be our Incoming Indigenous, which will focus on Woodlands Art; books for and about First Nations people, current events and culture; vintage and antique items with an Indigenous background,; and other items of interest.

We hope to continue adding different topical newsletters as this project moves along. As we add more topics, we will alternate them among the months of the year.

If you would like to receive Incoming Indigenous, or would be interested in another specific area (let us know what your area of interest is, please), or if you would like to receive all of our newsletters, please contact us with an email we can use for your subscription (you can cancel your subscription any time). You will not receive more than one newsletter per month. We just can’t produce any more than that!

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