Lake of the Woods: Gem of the Canadian Shield

This beautiful 11 x 8.5 inch coffee table book has been several years in the making. Master Photographer Mike Grandmaison and I first talked about the idea at Word on the Water, an annual book festival that used to be held in Kenora. Mike had just published the third or fourth book in a cross-Canada series of coffee table books with his publisher. Initially planned as a book for Canada and one for every province in the country, it soon became evident that there were some very special places that deserved a book of their own, like Muskoka, for example, and Lake of the Woods.

The book was originally slated to be released in the spring of 2020. COVID-19 made us rethink the wisdom of publishing a book that would do best in a tourist market in a time when people were being forced to stay at home. This year, our publisher felt, was the time to move on the project.

Lake of the Woods: Gem of the Canadian Shield is my first book (Mike is an old hand now!) as an author. I’ve written articles for magazines and ad copy, I’ve edited other people’s work, and I’ve published other author’s books. Of course, I’ve had a great deal of experience selling all kinds of books. This was an entirely different experience, and I really enjoyed working in a different position on the team. I know you’ll enjoy Mike’s photographs. I hope you will learn something interesting about The Lake in the text, too!

Even if you can’t be here, you can still immerse yourself in one of Canada’s favourite lake destinations:

Lake of the Woods: Gem of the Canadian Shield. 128 pages, full colour throughout. 11 x 8.5, hard cover. $30

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