Canadian Art Glass 80s Style

Robert Rueven Brown began the Canadian Nouveau Art Glass Company in 1982 in Downsview, Ontario. These three pieces are typical of his style at that time: the soft, frosted glass richly hand-painted using a Persian technique. The painted glass was fired at a carefully controlled temperature, which allowed the colour to melt into the glass. This created the fluid abstract patterns seen here. The glass was then allowed to cool slowly in an annealing process that strengthened it while also preventing cracks to occur.

The Nouveau Art Glass Company of Canada had dissolved by 1995, but Brown is still actively producing art glass in the United States. His style has changed dramatically from the pieces we have here, but he still uses the same processes to produce his wares, and all of his items remain one-of-a-kind.

Although I can envision the large vase full of flowers, I also think it would look enchantingly ethereal filled with a string of tiny lights!

Ruethven Nouveau Art Glass of Canada
Large Vase, 10″ high, 9″ shoulder diameter, 4″ mouth: $90.00
Small Vase, 4.5″ high, 4.5″ at shoulder, 2.25″ heart-shaped mouth: SOLD
Bonbon Dish or Compote, 4″ high, 6.5″ diameter: $60.00

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