Etruscan-Style Gilt Circle Ware Ewer c.1911

I’m becoming a big fan of Royal Doulton’s Lambeth Ware stoneware. I love the deep, rich colours, the classic vessel shapes, and the solid weight of the pieces. To my mind, they were at their best during the late Victorian and Art Nouveau periods.

This Etruscan-style ewer or jug is one of their Gilt Circle Ware line that was produced from time to time from 1880 to 1940, and revived briefly during the 1920s. According to Robert Hawker, a moderator at the British Porcelain and Pottery group, “pattern number 7546 was introduced in late 1911,” so this gives us an early date for the piece. Christopher Evans, an Adminnistrator at the Doulton Collectors’ group, also on Facebook, also adds that this would have been produced in limited quantities. (Thank you for your help, gentlemen!)

The whorls on these wares were impressed in the wet clay prior to the first firing. An enamel glaze was then applied to the non-whorled areas. The whole whorled background was gilded (a process using thin sheets of pure gold) and the items, which also included vases, planters and tobacco jars, were fired in the kiln. The result, as you can see from the photos, is pretty spectacular. The enamel glaze is of a quality that makes Lambeth Ware seem fresh no matter what its age. The gilt will certainly add a bit of glamour to the collector’s cabinet!

Etruscan-style Gilt Circle Ware Ewer, Doulton Lambeth Ware, c. 1911. 7.75 inches to top of handle, about 5 inches at widest point. Blue enamel glaze and gilt. $275.00

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