Journals, Notebooks & Sketchbooks

Everyone has a story to tell! Maybe you enjoy making them up. Maybe you’d like to keep a record of the interesting bits so that your grandchildren will one day know you better. Perhaps you want to tell someone else’s story for them. Or there may be a poem, or two, or three trying to burst out of your heart…  Could be a problem you’re trying to work out, or research notes you’d like to record for a meaningful or important project. If you’re ambitiously creative, you might need a book to document your travels through life – somewhere to paste, draw and write.

I’ve always found that a beautiful book makes the writing easier, as does a smooth-flowing pen. Since I always write to an audience (I have no idea who it will be), writing it in something beautiful somehow makes more of a gift of it. So, I’m a big fan of beautiful sketchbooks,  journals and notebooks! I really hope some of you are, too… else I’m going broke.

This page is for the writers among you! Bookmark it, because we will always be adding new arrivals. There should be something new each time you fill your last one, or need a gift for a kindred spirit. Just click on a picture to enlarge the images.

Flame Tree Foiled Journals 210 x 148 x 17mm, Magnetic Closure $21

Flame Tree Foiled Pocket Journals 148 x 110 x 15 mm, Magnetic Closure $17

Miscellaneous Journals


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