Moose Meat & Bear Grease – Kevin Belmore

Moose Meat & Bear Grease. All this natural goodness was meant to be harnessed for the good of the people. Food for the people using animal resources. The lesson is to instill value in traditional techniques and to use them in an effort to retain cultural and traditional knowledge.

~ Kevin Belmore

Gull Bay artist Kevin Belmore’s Ojibway name is Minowewegebon, which means “standing free”. Kevin is a disciple of the late Roy Thomas, who in turn was inspired by Norval Morrisseau, one of the founders of the Woodland School of Ojibway art. This style of painting captures the spiritual tradition as it shines through the everyday, and is now practiced by several First Nation artists in Northwestern Ontario.

This painting was featured in a Wawatay article dated 24 December, 2015. The animals are leaving the wilderness in a canoe as a protest against man’s misuse and abuse of the environment. The dying forest is both witness to and consequence of their departure.

Moose Meat & Bear Grease, signed (in sylabics), with the artist’s First Nations name Winowewegebon. Acryllic on paper. 15 x 11. Matted and ready for framing. SOLD!

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