Sterling Adornments

Although I bought this grouping as a set and am selling it as such, the earrings are Smith & Bond (SMIBO) and the locket is Birks-Burkhardt. I can’t tell you anything just now about Smith & Bond – research is ongoing there. Burkhardt was a Quality Canadian silversmith who produced for Birks for about 50 years prior to 1942. At that time, Birks bought the floundering Burkhardt to save it from bankruptcy. The new logo, seen on the back of this locket, was a B in a hexagon.

The floral patterns engraved on the earrings so closely match that on the locket, that I think it is safe to say that they are both of an age, and were probably produced between 1942 and sometime in the 1950s. It is a lovely set showing light wear to the backs consistent with use. The locket has the number 62 faintly and rather crudely scratched on each side of the interior of the locket – the numbers would be covered up by photos.

Sterling silver screw-backed earrings by Smith and Bond, and oval sterling silver locket by Birks-Burkhardt, ca. mid-1900s: SOLD

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