A-Sailing We Will Go!

New arrivals today:
Patrick O’Brian hoard – the paperbacks are like new, but the two hard cover titles are a bit the worse for wear (priced accordingly)
Stuart King’s Lake of the Woods History and Heritage (been out of this one for a while…)
Kids Book of the Night Sky (Now, if only it would clear up so we could SEE the stars!)
Red Parka Mary – a picture book story written with First Nations children in mind
Philippa Gregory – two Boleyn titles
Nigel Tranter’s Children of the Mist
and a whole posse of Westerns that I am just about to get priced and onto the table!

OH! We’re down to one copy of Avians (more have been ordered), so if you need a copy of this book for a gift soon, you’d better hustle in here!

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