Behind the Scenes at the Bookshop

I got some antique bindings in today. Since I’m alone at the shop, people coming in get to see some of the normally behind-the-scenes work I do.

In order to keep the bindings clean and supple on leather-bound books, I try to nourish and wax them once a year. It takes a fair bit of time as I wait for oils to penetrate and wax to dry for buffing. If you ever wonder why books are more expensive when you buy them from a dealer, this is part of the reason. We do our best to bring our customers the best quality products. When they are older and more finely wrought, this can mean a little extra TLC is necessary to keep them looking great! We hope, too, that this will help preserve them for future generations!

Got some old leather bindings in your collection? Drop in sometime and we will help you keep your library glowing with health.

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