Elizabeth Campbell

One of the partners of the Darlington Gallery, Elizabeth is a Jill of all aspects and master of none. But she has a lot of fun with her camera, her watercolours, her writing, her needlework… She is mostly self-taught with a few lessons from locally offered courses by local and visiting artists adding to her natural skills set.

Elizabeth is a Kenora native. She has lived and travelled here and there over the years, expanding her horizons and experiences folio for future application. Having a variety of projects on the go, whether they involve promoting the work of others or indulging in hobbies/ideas of her own, keeps her satisfied in life.

Below are galleries of her available work (and some sold items, too). Many of these items are also available to retailers at wholesale. Please enquire!

Post Cards: $0.97 ea.
Blank Cards: $4.64 ea.
Bookmarks: $1.77 ea.
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