Walt & Mattie Schedule!

Something new has come to Kenora: Typewriter Poetry!

Meet Mathilda-Anne Florence and her typewriter, Walter out busking poetry on the sidewalk in front of Darlington Gallery this summer. Request a poem on any topic, then come in and shop for twenty minutes or so while Mattie pulls together a completely original poem for you on the subject.

If you would like a poem but aren’t in the Kenora area, she’d be happy to type one out on a post card for you (please add $3 to your donation for the cost of a card and stamp). You can contact Matthilda-Anne here with your mailing address and topic.

Stella the Bookshop Dog asked Mattie to write a poem. Be sure to read her story and poem at her blog!

When to See Walt & Mattie Next:

Saturday, 20 July after noon.
Mattie, Walt and Stella the Bookshop Dog
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