Joshim Kakegamic (1952-1993)

Joshim began painting in his teens under the watchful eyes of his brother-in-law, Norval Morrisseau and Carl Ray. Together with his brothers Goyce and Henry, he set up and operated the Triple K Co-Operative. The co-op was unique as an all First Nations business working for First Nations artists, and they did fine work in producing prints of Carl Ray, Norval Morrisseau, Saul Williams, their own works and those of other indigenous painters.

Joshim’s work gained wide recognition in the 1970s, but his career was tragically short-lived (his brother Goyce is still actively producing works). He drowned in 1993 while attempting a rescue.

Most of Josh’s work is acrylic on paper, but he also completed the occasional canvas. His distinctively fine brush work defines his paintings, which have captured the traditions and lore of his childhood and people, the Sandy Lake Cree.


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