Dress Up a Sweater!

We like to keep the temperature down a bit at the shop, consequently, I wear sweaters for most of the year. I don’t like dangly pendants because they get caught in things when I’m working and the chains break. So, I started wearing scarves more often. Although I often appreciate the added warmth (especially with the shop door opening to let winter in all day long), sometimes I just want a little colour. The Late Summer Lace Scarf is perfect for that.

Late Summer Lace is made with hand-painted rayon in a short repeat, so it looks like a forest of changing leaves. The rayon drapes and has just a bit of shimmer to it. Knitted in an overall lace pattern, the scarf is also light and airy, even though it is quite long for loops, bows, pins and twists. The lace has a right side and a wrong side, but the wrong side is nearly as attractive as the right, adding a contrasting texture that is pleasing to the eye.

As with all my scarves, I only make them with the same pattern or material once, and I use the finest materials I can find, buying them from places all around the world. Instructions for care included with the scarf.

Late Summer Lace hand painted rayon scarf, 72″x 4″:  $34.99

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