Gi-chi-o-ga-ma – Tim Tait

Another of Tim Tait’s striking paintings, revealing his strong connection with the art of Norval Morrisseau. In this painting, Tait has tried to replicate the older method of painting, applying his paint very thickly thus creating texture in the finished product.

Gichi-ogimaa translates to ‘great man’ in the sense of head of state, what is commonly referred to as grand chief (head of the nation) in English. Here he is depicted as gaining strength, wisdom, and perhaps purity from his spirit animals.

Tim Tait. Gi-chi-o-ga-ma. Acrylic on art paper, 9″x 12″, floated on acid-free under-mat with black surface mat, 12″x 16″, ready to frame. $250.00

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