Family Outing – John Paul Lavand

This print has been unavailable for over twenty years now, and we were quite excited to obtain a copy. Unlike John Paul’s more recent prints, this one was produced by offset lithography, and has a much richer quality. The eyes and each beak were hand coloured by the artist.

I asked John Paul if this was the mommy goose or the daddy goose.
“Definitely the daddy goose.”
“You sound so certain. But how can you tell? I think it’s the mommy goose.”
He gave me a very long and involved explanation, none of which convinced me. If you buy this print, I will ask him to write it out for you. Perhaps you will believe him. One goose looks very much like the other to me.

Family Outing limited lithograph print, No. 77 of 500. 17.75 x 14.75 inches framed, using archival quality materials under UV protective conservation glass:  $295.00

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