Fishing for Answers…

This is something different from one of our First Nations artists, Abraham Monias. Abraham comes up with all kinds of different pieces for the gallery, in this case, a carved soapstone turtle. The Anishinaabe or Ojibway people refer to Earth as Turtle Island, so the turtle is a very important animal to them. He’s laid this one on black velvet in a black shadow box, which may be hung on a wall or laid on a table top.

Wondering why the carved turtles always seem to be Sea Turtles when we have no such thing in the Boreal fauna, I asked, “Why don’t you carve Painted or Snapping Turtles?”

“Because Sea Turtles are easier,” he said.

Abraham Monias, Untitled Handcarved Turtle. 2.5″x 2.25″, mounted on black velvet in 6″x 8″x 3″ black wood shadow box. ECB10860 $250.00

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