Graduation Gift?

The time of year is coming when we recognise the hard work and achievements of those we know who are in the business of learning. School will be out soon, the students either free for the summer or for a life of applying their knowledge to the rest of their lives!

Here’s a little token to help them celebrate. It’s useful, decorative, and every time they see it, it will remind them of the giver, the accomplishment, and bring back happy memories.

These pencil boxes are handcrafted by a carpenter in Saskatchewan, then sent to his sister, Carol Schroeder, a Winnipeg artist, who brings them to life with her whimsical handpainted designs. She tells me her brother is getting too busy with work to continue making these boxes regularly for her, so this is a limited opportunity to obtain one of these unique works of art.

Keep one by the phone, on the desk, at the office, or in your art supply carrying case. Use it for pencils, or use it for fireplace matches. Lovingly made to be lovingly given, each is an original work of art…

Lady Bug Creations Pencil Boxes, approx. 8 x 2 x 1.5 inches: $55.00 ea.

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