It’s Winter. Curl up with a Puppy!

One of our hardest-working staff members is Stella the Great Newfenees and Bookshop Dog. Anyone who has been in our brick and mortar shop will confirm the fact. Aside from holding the floor in place, she does guarded tours, greets incomers, offers in-shop exercise sessions free of charge (“Bend down and scratch my tummy, please.”), and makes everyone in the shop feel just a whole lot happier.
A lot of people ask us if she is for sale. And this got me thinking…
Now, you, too can curl up with Stella the Bookshop Dog whenever the winter blues start getting you down. Pour your favourite hot beverage into one of these 12 ounce mugs, nab your favourite throw, wriggle into your most comfy chair, and start reading that really good book you bought with our Stella mug. Or, if you’d rather read something wonderful online, check out her blog. The address is printed right on the mug!
Oh, and by the way, Stella asked us to donate the profits from the sale of her mug to our local Dog Shelter, so you’re not simply being self-indulgent when you buy one of these….

Stella the Great Newfenees and Bookshop Dog 12 ounce mug: $15.00

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