Vintage Sculpted Art Glass Vase

I’m actually not sure this was meant as a vase or flower bowl. It has a deep conical space inside, which is also quite narrow. Along the edges and opposite to each other are two grooves that look to be cigar-sized, so this could function as an elaborate ashtray, too … but what a waste to use it that way! The deep forest green of the top portion of this vessel flows into a rich gold colour for the base. I’m not a fan of this style of art glass myself, yet this piece has me thinking there may be some merit in it after all. I like the way it is spun out into spiraling petals, and the little sepal-like sculpted petals rising from the base. It would look lovely on a glass surface, just as it is.

Mid-century forest green & gold sculpted vase/bowl/ashtray (no chips or scratches) SOLD

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